Pikes Peak In A Bottle

"The only place you can legally get and own a piece of Pikes Peak!"

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  • It's valuable history because Thomas Jefferson bought it for the U.S. from France!
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity - It is geologist certified!
  • Only thru us is it legal to own a piece of Pikes Peak! (If caught stealing your own, it's a $5,000 fine!)

Due to limited access and strict regulations, limit of 2 orders per customer.


Sale price is currently $39/bottle.


Because of regulations and limited availability, price is expected to double shortly.




After 2 years of research, we uncovered an exclusive location permitting us to take the dirt and make it available to Pikes Peak aficionados.  
Order now & get this fun and fact-filled display placard!

FREE!  A valuable, frameable, beautiful & not-available-anwhere-else picture from the Pikes Peak area. ($100 value)

Why You Should Own A Piece of Pikes Peak

Special Offer For You!

Why we are legally able to sell Pikes Peak

Geologist certified!

Sale Price: $39

Limit of 2 per customer

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Approximate Size: 7.5"  x 3.5"

Helps turn your Pikes Peak keepsake into a fascinating conversation piece!