Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q:  Is this actual Pikes Peak geological content?  Isn't it really just from someone's backyard?

A: It is actual Pikes Peak soil.  It has been certified by a real geologist from a Colorado engineering firm in Colorado Springs (right where Pikes Peak is).   When your package arrives you will received a Certificate of Authenticity affirming you own an actual piece of Pikes Peak -  America's mountain!  Printed on it is the compiled version of Geologist's report verifying it is Pikes Peak geological content. 


2.  Q: Can I pick how my Pikes Peak package gets shipped to me?

A. At this time, we are only shipping via USPS.  If you're from out of the U.S, we will contact you for arrangements (out of country shipping will cost more)

3.  Q:  Why can't I order as many of these Pikes Peak packages as I want?

A:  Because there is a very limited supply and it's important that everyone who wants one, gets one.

4.  Q:  Isn't $39 for a bottle of Pikes Peak soil expensive?

A:  No it is not because this is the lowest price it will ever be.  Due to the limited availability, the price will be increasing.  After all, the government rules and regulations are strict and often change without a moment's notice and will force the price up.


What's more, it's a bargain for these reasons:

1.  If you get caught taking it while there, you get fined $5,000.00 and/or 6 months in jail.  (Ours is only $39 currently)


2.  Thomas Jefferson spent  $313 Million Dollars in today's money to get Pikes Peak included in our U.S. land purchase in 1803  (Your cost is only $39 currently)


3.  A trip to Colorado and sight-seeing Pikes Peak can run several hundred to several thousand dollars - and you "still" can't legally take it home with you (Ours is only $39 currently...and legal)

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